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  • Name: (2 r) - 3 - (3, 4 - dihydroxyphenyl) - 2 - hydroxypropanoic acid
  • * CAS #: 76822-21-4
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Product name: (2 r) - 3 - (3, 4 - dihydroxyphenyl) - 2 - hydroxypropanoic acid
CAS: 76822-21-4
Appearance: yellow fine powder
Purity: 98%
Usage: with promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, and qi analgesic for chest sultry, angina pectoris.Role of myocardium, mitigating the effects of free radicals on mitochondrial membrane flow, protect the function of mitochondria.Inhibition of platelet aggregation and anticoagulation: is helpful for the recovery of tissues and adult respiratory distress syndrome of serious complications such as correct.Atherosclerosis and fall hematic fat action, have the function of the inhibition of cell oxidative modification of LDL, its antioxidant capacity and its quantity were positively correlated, can be used for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.Resisting thrombosis, which is beneficial to protection of vascular endothelial cells, reduce leukocyte adhesion, this may be one of the mechanisms play a role of anti thrombosis.
MlLand Pharm&Nutrition-Modafinil、Adrafinil、Sunifiram、NMDA、MPA