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Othername: Nooglutil
Chemical name:N-[(5-Hydroxy-3-pyridinyl)carbonyl]-L-glutamic acid
N-(5-hydroxynicotinoyl)-L-glutamic acid
CAS 112193-35-8
Appearance: white powder

ONK-10, OHK-10

Nooglutyl is a nootropic agent being studied at the Research Institute of Pharmacology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences as a potential treatment for amnesia.
In animal models, it has a variety of central nervous system effects.

Experiments on rats demonstrate that nooglutyl exhibits pronounced vestibular-protective properties and by its antimotion activity does not rank below classic vestibular protectors, such as scopolamine and diprazine. Electrophysiological experiments on cats show that nooglutyl alters spontaneous activity in 80% of cortical neurons (somatosensory zone I and area 5 of the parietal association cortex) and considerably weakens effects caused by motion sickness: activation of single unit activity of somatosensory zone I and inhibition of neuron responses to somatic stimulation. This property of the preparation is believed to form the basis of its antimotion effect.

MlLand Pharm&Nutrition-Modafinil、Adrafinil、Sunifiram、NMDA、MPA